Pete's Pastoral Care Time!

* Happy Birthday to Rachael Collins (a cadet in our session), hope you have a cool night tonight!

* We're all praying that the new Victorian premier John Brumby will be blessed by God as he makes decisions that affect Victoria, Australia.

* I'm praying for healing for my mate Shaun whose been unwell lately... not to mention everyone else whose sick; I hope God will bless you!

* For all those that are wanting to change the World and God hasn't brought the harvest yet... Be content where God has called you at this point in time.

* Just a thought for you, in such a pluralistic, 'anything goes' society, remember, love the sinner, hate the sin. Don't love the sinner and love the sin. (Just a thought...)

* Thanks to all those at the Training College who have supported the 75 hours of prayer we will be doing. (I hope you've heard of the 24/7 prayer happening within the Salvation Army Southern Territory)

* God comfort those right now, who feel abused, who feel depressed, who are addicted, who are hurting, who are lonely, who are supressed, in the name of Jesus! Share

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