Australians should eat more Camel and other News

At times the latest Australian news keeps you informed but at times it makes you opionated:

* Australians are being encouraged to eat more camels! There are millions roaming central Australia, and The Camel Industry Association is finding ways to capitilize for our sake. Apparently the camel has 85% less fat than beef. So don't have a cow!
* To what point do Politicians stick to their beliefs and convictions or bargain and change their policies to gain support from independents?
* Greenpeace is attempting to highlight to the world that we have a TUNA problem. According to these activists, those that fish for tuna, fish excessively and also kill off turtles and sharks at the same time. John West works hard to get us the best hey?
* Paul Hogan is travelling back the USA. Tell your friends.
* 60% of all assaults in the Northern Territory and 67% of all domestic violence incidents in the Territory are caused by alcohol abuse. We have a problem here. In Australia we have come a long way to curb excessive smoking and the perception of smoking has generally changed in Australia. When it comes to drinking, the culture tells you to get sloshed and catch a taxi home. When will Aussies see this as pathetic? 

Romans 1:1 says, 'Paul, a servant of Christ Jesus...' - I serve Jesus. My life is not about alcohol consumption, strip joints and simply working 60 hour weeks to merely pay a mortgage and go on a family holiday. My life is about serving Jesus, and making him known throughout the world. Turn to him today. Share

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  1. sorry - not much time here, but in a bit of know in the region of tuna, had to comment. The 'farmed' tuna in SA (Southern Blue Fin) is caught in a net/rounded up, and they then swim to the location of the holding cage and transferred from the tow cage. 'if' there were a shark in there, the guys usually dive, cut a hole, 'shoo' it out, and stitch it up again. And i'd guess they'd be more sensitive about a turtle. so, imho eat SA farmed tuna! while it's not bred in captivity, the feeding before harvest program ensures a higher yield from the original catch, therefore less ocean harvest.
    And yeh - alcohol sux!


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