A change of pace... Some blogs I've enjoyed recently

Recently, the pace has been up with blogs on different topics - see the recent list top right. So for a change of pace... Here are some blogs I've read and enjoyed recently:

* Bob Hyatt's Blog - No one remembers what you preach anyway - Preachers? Read this. http://bobhyatt.typepad.com/bobblog/2010/07/from-the-archives-and-for-bill-kinnon.html
* Next Reformation Blog - Some funny thoughts on church noticeboards  http://nextreformation.com/?p=4170
* James Thompson - Statistics on sex inside marriage and sex outside marriage. Interesting.  http://woetome.wordpress.com/2010/06/28/hazardous-sex-outside-of-marriage/
* JR Woodward (Dream Awakener Blog) A mammoth 'primer on the missional church'. Getting started in thinking about mission - read this blog entry. Love this blog from back in 2008. Have a read/study. http://jrwoodward.net/2008/11/a-primer-on-todays-missional-church/
* Stephen Court's latest blog (wed July 7th) talks about the basic fundamental Christian beliefs. Good to browse over. http://www.armybarmy.com/blog.html
* Marney Turner is blogging hard. Check out: http://jesusrevival.blogspot.com/2010/07/you-never-know-what-jesus-is-going-to.html for a blog on faith!

If you have a blog entry worth noting - drop me a line or give it a plug in the comments section.

God bless, be close to Jesus.

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